Protecting our environment and preserving our local customs and traditions

At Ireland Wild Escapes, we are fully committed to assisting with ­­conservation efforts in Ireland.

Protecting our environment

The wilderness regions in Ireland are prime wildlife conservation areas, considered to be hugely important on a European as well as Irish level. The EU Habitats Directive lists certain habitats and species that must be protected within special Areas of Conservation (SACs). These Irish habitats include: raised bogs, blanket bogs, turloughs, sand dunes, machair (flat sandy plains on the north and west coasts), heaths, lakes, rivers, woodlands, estuaries and sea inlets. The 25 Irish species which must be afforded protection include Salmon, Otter, Freshwater Pearl Mussel, Bottlenose Dolphin and Killarney Fern.

Our built environments include ancient archaeological sites, historical building and ruins.

Preserving our local customs and traditions - Sustaining local economies

At Ireland Wild Escapes our vision is to showcase the unique offering of indigenous Irish customs and traditions of the regions of Ireland. Offering our valued customers an opportunity to engage in these authentic cultural experiences and activities, helping to support, conserve and protect these precious traditions and ways of life. We believe we act as a vital conduit, by linking our local suppliers and local communities to our clients, who want to travel more responsibly. Helping to empower local communities and encouraging local people to continue their traditional lifestyles, to grow economic sustainability in the area. We encourage and support our local suppliers to make their experiences more sustainable and immersive in the local culture of their area. As passionate promoters of Irish cultural heritage and conservation travel, we ensure that our experiences educate and promote responsible travel in Ireland. As a tour operator, we live and work on the beautiful west coast of Ireland. Our mission is to help sustain the local economy by keeping the money local – contracting locally, employing locally, spending locally and encouraging our clients to spend more locally too. “When locals thrive, we thrive!”

Ireland Wild Escapes passionately believes in the three pillars of sustainably

Environmental Preservation

Conservation of our natural resources & wildlife

Coexistence with our wildlife and flora

Preservation of our built heritage

Conservation of local Customs & Traditions

Preserving indigenous Irish cultural heritage

Promoting positive cultural exchange

Responsible travel education

Economic Sustainability

Keeping money local

Spending locally

Buying local experiences

We offer a wide array of packaged and bespoke tours, activities and experiences for all of Ireland's regions.

The Wild Atlantic Way

Unforgettable Wild Atlantic Way experiences with specialists in immersive tours, Ireland Wild Escapes. Your destination for unique Irish tours covering the entire length of the Wild Atlantic Way, all our tours are ready to book today.

Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands

Explore the unspoilt hinterlands of Ireland. Lose yourself in Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands, an area of extreme beauty with a refreshingly slow pace of life. Meander down scenic waterways, along the beautiful Shannon River, explore tranquil forests and discover enchanting riverside villages.


Dublin is shaped by almost 1,200 years’ history, from Viking origins to today’s sophisticated capital, abuzz with culture. As you would expect, there is a dizzying array of things to do in Dublin, and it’s our job as specialists in immersive tours of Ireland, to help you make the most of your time in this incredible city.

Ireland’s Ancient East

Where Vikings settled and saints roamed, journey back in time through 5,000 years of history in Ireland’s Ancient East. This magical region is steeped in history, with countless stories to be heard and a backdrop of glorious scenery that is just as unforgettable.

Causeway Coast and Glens

For a region relatively small in size, the 195-mile (313km) Causeway Coast packs a sizeable punch. Visit world-renowned attractions including the Giant’s Causeway, the iconic Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and the Dark Hedges of Ballymoney, one of the most photographed sites in Northern Ireland.

We offer a wide array of packaged and bespoke tours, activities and experiences for all of Ireland’s regions.

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